So how did your interview go?

You have just attended an interview. Perhaps you are confident, perhaps not. You are asked how the interview went and you say, “Yes, I think that it went well. I answered all of the questions I was asked”.


Did it really?


Answering all of the questions is not enough, you need to provide evidence that demonstrates that you have the skills and experience necessary to perform this role. Here are my top tips on how to do this.


Listen to the questions, carefully.

Listen to the questions carefully before responding, and then give a succinct but clear answer to demonstrate your suitability.

The client asks you, “can you give me an example of what you did to manage a high risk which eventuated on a project?”.
One possible answer is: “I updated the risk register and reports and sent an email to the relevant stake holders”.
This is an answer to the question but it is not an answer which clearly demonstrates how you have managed risk.

How do I do this?

Try using the S.O.A.R model.

Describe the situation where you needed to manage a high level risk in a project/program to set the scene.
Describe the objective which you had and the impact on the project/program if this risk was not managed correctly.
Describe exactly what you did in order to mitigate this risk (in detail) explaining the steps that you took and why you took them.

Tip- Filling in a template or a report is not managing a project risk, this is called reporting.
Describe exactly what happened after you had taken action. What where the impacts and benefits to the project or program?


Prepare mock interview questions and use the S.O.A.R method on each one.

This approach will not only thoroughly prepare you for the interview, it will give you the confidence that you need to actually answer the questions properly and provide evidence.


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