My name is CANDIDATE!

“I am a nice person. I have worked hard during my career. I have had successes. I have overcome challenges. I have studied, I have a strong background in my chosen field.

Why won’t people talk to me?”


My name is CANDIDATE

“I could be Shailen, Rachel, Andy, Brian or Claire. I am not a number, although I am often treated like one.  I am disheartened by companies that have got all excited about the “Digital Age” who constantly promote their “Iconic Organisation” on the various social media platforms.


Despite all of this branding they still do not respond to my job applications. No one returns my calls. I have not met anyone from these companies yet they still persist with their “we are the best” mantra. They consistently ignore the fact that it is the people that they employ which make their organisation great. There are many of us who have become frustrated by this. We are told “come and talk to us”, but the candidate experience is often very different.


There is a massive disconnect between the marketing and talent acquisition. I get excited about a role which I am clearly suited to but never hear anything back. I have had enough of recruitment agencies too! They never return my calls. They do not respond to my emails. I am told that I am the best candidate for a role and yet I hear nothing further. Why can’t you just be honest with me? I can handle it.


Agencies have also have become “bewitched” by the lure of social media. “The best agency to work with”, really? I am not impressed. Agencies have forgotten that candidates are also their clients. They should treat us with respect and not like a number.


The interview process at companies needs work. In some cases the interviewer has not even read my CV! People who are involved in interviewing should be trained in interviewing techniques. Please do not assume that everyone in your company is capable or experienced at doing this. The interview does not need to be an SAS assault course.  It is an opportunity to see if someone can help your company move forward.”


Lots of my friends have had interviews where they have not obtained feedback. Surely this is unacceptable? A friend of mine was told after an interview:

“We have no feedback from the line manager so you can assume that this is not a good sign and you have been unsuccessful.”

This makes me really angry. How dare you treat someone like this!


This is someone’s career you are taking into your hands.  Please treat people as you would like to be treated.


The on boarding process in companies is patchy. A friend of mine got an offer from one company. When he went to sign his contract he was welcomed by someone who just gave him a contract in an envelope and said “send this back to us once you have signed it”.


There was no on boarding.  No option to discuss the contract, the package, and his first few days in the company. He was so disappointed with this process that he signed for another company who showed more interest in him throughout the hiring AND onboarding process.


My name is CANDIDATE, when I become CLIENT, I will remember those who have helped me.


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Alan Herrity.