How to get 40% more from your delivery teams in just 30 days

At Momentum Search, our regular Virtual Round Tables bring expert advice and know-how to senior management and executives across Australia.

With tighter budgets, shrinking headcount and a slowing economy, the need to deliver the same or “more with less” is something all of us are grappling with.

So, what’s the solution?

Our recent guest speaker, Becci Watson, is an experienced enterprise operations transformation leader. She’s an expert in working with senior leaders to empower their teams with operational ways of working that measurably show they are working smarter, not harder.

During her virtual round table, Becci shared a case study outlining how she enabled a geographically distributed team to deliver 40% more in just 30 days. 

This provided our attendees with an insight into how this initially sceptical team progressed from inefficiency and hesitance to an amazing outcome which far exceeded expectations.

Exploring this case study in further detail, Becci’s presentation facilitated an interactive conversation on key topics, including:

  • Motivating and aligning your team to contribute to cost reduction targets
  • Objectively benchmarking and measuring your increased productivity across all departments
  • The key differences between Scrum and Kanban ways of working
  • How to firmly embed these efficiencies and cost savings into your team
  • How other teams adapted, adopted and changed
  • How we can all start the journey to achieve more in the workplace

To empower palpable change in your own business, Becci explained the benefits of her “Kanban Accelerated Delivery (KAD) ways of working”. This allows organisations to prioritise, focus and finish the work without getting side-tracked with competing priorities. 

The example provides businesses with specific and actionable examples of how organisations can achieve 17% more – with no increase in headcount or overtime.

The round table’s attendees were department leaders and above, across diverse business functions. Providing concrete facts and evidence on how this model can be used across all technology and business functions, enterprise-wide for Capex Projects and Opex BAU initiatives, Becci’s solution is already empowering businesses across the region to deliver more.

To find out more about Becci’s productivity-driving techniques and how to execute them in your business, download Becci’s full presentation now via the link below.  

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