How To Attract Top Digital & Tech Talent in Australia

While the demand for highly skilled Digital & Tech professionals keeps increasing, the supply of toptalent in Australia has, for several different reasons, remained the same for quite some time. This means competition is fierce, and that companies need to go revamp their Employer Value Proposition to stay ahead.

In this article we’ll look at what companies can do to attract top Digital & Tech talent in Australia today.

Table of Contents:

  1. How Covid Created A Perfect Storm
  2. Dare To Look Outside Your Industry
  3. Be Transparent About Culture and Business Strategy
  4. Invest In A Great Employee Experience
  5. Align Your HR Communication with Your Overall Branding
  6. Keys Takeaways

How Covid Created A Perfect Storm

One of the factors that make it a challenge to hire the right people is that everyone is looking for the same skill sets.

At Momentum Search and Selection, we work with companies in various industries such as banking, financial services, fintech, healthcare, aged care, retail, FMCG, and energy. Even though our clients are at different levels of digital maturity, they’re all looking for similar talent to help them take the next step.

Many companies are held back by how challenging it can be to find the right people. It’s really the employee’s market right now, not the employers. Talented people with the stand out skills are in very high demand, and they will cherry-pick the best opportunities and companies.

A number of factors have contributed to what is now a perfect storm in Australia. Due to COVID, there’s no influx of new people at the moment. People can’t travel, and on top of that, Visa laws have been tightened. So while the demand for Digital & Tech talent keeps growing, the supply is not increasing.

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Dare to Look Outside Your Industry

When recruiting Digital & Tech staff, one thing to keep in mind is how the digital landscape has evolved and become more unified. This is one of the reasons why companies today are looking for mostly the same type of competencies. We advise companies to not be rigid in demanding industry experience from candidates. People that are savvy in digital transformation, cloud transformation, cybersecurity and big data are sought-after everywhere. In general, they can move from industry to industry. This in itself often creates synergies.

Therefore, companies benefit from ditching the old mindset where you’d typically recruit from your own industry vertical. In certain cases, it may still be beneficial for a candidate to have experience from a specific industry , but often it’s not necessary. If companies open up to candidates from other industries, it widens the pool of candidates significantly. You need to challenge yourself on this and be brave.

Be Transparent About Culture and Business Strategy

Candidates today want to understand your company strategy, so it’s essential to make it easy for candidates to research and understand your company strategy, in one place such as your website. . When it comes to senior-level positions, candidates want to see a commitment to transformation and innovation from the board. The C-level executives need to be brought in, and they need to be unified with regards to their strategy to transform, digitise, and innovate.

Candidates also want to understand the company culture before joining a new employer. They want to know what it’s like to work there – and what working model will be applied after the pandemic is over. Companies who have not redefined their working model are lagging behind and are finding it difficult to attract and retain staff.

The majority of people want some sort of hybrid model and flexibility moving forward. Even Apple, a very popular employer, is losing people in the US because they’ve mandated for people to go back to the office.

And while these questions are new, they’re here to stay. People do not want to go back to how things were, and employers will simply need to adapt. Post-Covid, companies will have to rethink their employee value proposition. They’ll need to go back to the drawing board and think about some very fundamental questions.

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Invest In A Great Employee Experience

The best way to attract great candidates is to invest in your current employees and make sure they’re happy. Because they’re the ones who will be telling your potential candidates about their experience. Australia is quite a collegiate market, and people are quite collaborative. Many people will reach out to previous peers at their target companies to ask what it’s like to work at a company.

Candidates today do very thorough research and look at everything from annual reports and review sites to the company website and LinkedIn company page. In terms of salaries, many candidates use and, and Glassdoor is also used to a certain extent.

We’ve found that with the best candidates out there, it’s about more than just the money. Of course, they want to be remunerated well, and when demand is high like it is now – prices go up. However, it’s also very much about the strategy and culture of the organisation; what they’re looking to achieve, and how they see a role fitting into their career road map.

Align Your HR Communication with Your Overall Branding

Another critical factor to consider is how you communicate about the job opportunity in your advertisements and during the hiring process. It’s a good idea to have marketing and HR work together on the employer branding to make sure what you offer is enticing to potential candidates.

Unfortunately, many position descriptions are not very exciting. They don’t tell you the story about the organisation. You want to include your brand narrative, your company’s why, in the position description.

Navigating the compliance issues and the more formal parts of a job description, and at the same time turning it into a selling opportunity , can be quite tricky. This is one of the things we at Momentum help our clients with: positioning their offer in the market and making sure it’s communicated compellingly.

Keys Takeaways

  • Be open to hiring people who may not have experience from your particular industry.
  • Be as transparent as possible and make company reports, strategy documents, and press articles available on your recruitment site.
  • Offer a flexible hybrid model where people are allowed to work both remotely and from the office.
  • Make sure marketing and HR collaborate around employer branding to convey your narrative in the best way throughout the recruitment process.
  • Put effort into the position description to make sure it’s appealing.
  • Experiment with videos on LinkedIn, YouTube and other channels. Continuously capture your story and enhance your brand. Try and ensure that these video have real insights from your employees. It does not have to be a Hollywood Production. Get your employees to tell your story.

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