Corporate Giving and Corporate Waste

As business leaders, have a responsibility to think about how we reduce waste. 

One of the ways we’ve chosen to this for the first time, is not to give corporate gifts to guests attending our Christmas events this year.  We decided instead to donate a bale of hay to one of our sponsored charities, Rural Aid’s Buy-a-Bale campaign.  Each team member at Momentum Search and Selection has a chosen charity to which the company donates $100 per month and the corporate gift initiative was a way to give a bit more.

Guests had the option to choose the corporate gift over the bale and at first, we didn’t know how this would be received. We were thrilled that not one guest opted for the corporate gift. In fact, we received very positive feedback about our initiative.

Every year, businesses give candles, branded drink bottles, wine and food items as gifts and this is fine but do the recipients really want or need it? Where does it end up? Are we giving items that end up in landfill when we could have spent the same money making a difference? There are many organisations doing great community work that really need support.  We’ve rethought how we can do this and are encouraging other organisations to do the same.

We’d be interested to hear what others are doing in this space.