Are You In Control of Your CV?

In a recent conversation a client told me that they had 8 applications from the same candidate on their talent acquisition platform.

Also, prior to Christmas there was a situation where an agency had sent a CV of a candidate to a client, this client being a large scale organisation with many different divisions.  The candidate did not know what division his CV had been sent to, which Talent acquisition specialist or hiring manager. The agency which was representing this candidate either did not know this information or did not want to disclose it.

This has prompted me to write this blog: “Are you in control of your CV?”


Sending your CV to the same role via multiple agencies is NOT a good thing. You may think that applying through multiple channels shows that you are motivated to work, however in my opinion it is counterproductive.  Equally, if you have sent your CV direct to a customer you should keep track of the key information regarding your application.


Would you buy a car or a property without researching this? I very much doubt it. My view is that not being in control of your CV is potentially career damaging. It certainly does not give a good impression to any client that you would want to work with nor agency who is representing you.


I fully understand that looking for a new job or contract can be a stressful experience. Certain people are more experienced than others in job seeking and it is not easy when you are not getting responses to your applications. I have written another blog “Differentiating yourself in the job market” which will give you helpful hints and tips for your job search.


“How can I keep track of my job search progress?”  I would suggest that you have a notebook or excel spreadsheet with the following information:
Date Name of company Department Hiring Manager Agency Outcome


In this way you will have an up to date record of the dates, companies, departments, whether you have been represented via an agency or not and the outcome of your application.


“What if I am being represented by an agency and they do not know that answer to the above questions?”

The simple answer is that they should. Do you really want an agent representing you who does not know the basic details of the client that they are working with? Ask the agency to find out if they do not know these details.


“What it the agency wants to keep this information confidential?”

Unless the client is doing a confidential search (which is usually an Exclusive search) this approach is not necessary. Recruitment agents are generally taught to not give too much information away as they do not want other agencies to know this information and present their candidates. However, in a scenario where multiple agencies are working on the same role there is really no point in withholding this information. Agencies should be focusing on sourcing the best candidate for the vacancy which is the reason why they are used in the first place.


“What if it is an urgent requirement and the agency wants to move quickly?”

The same guidelines still apply. The saying “more haste, less speed” comes to mind. The agency still should know the basic requirements here.


“What happens if the agency sends my CV without my permission?”

An agency should NEVER do this! Agencies should have your permission to send your CV, however you need to ensure that you are keeping track of this as well.


“What should I do if I have applied for a role but I had no response and I have seen the role advertised again?”

There is nothing stopping you from applying again. However, I would suggest that you try to build a relationship with the Talent Acquisition/Internal Recruitment Team/Agency from your first application.


“What happens if the agency or client does not leave the name of the person to contact on their advertisement?”

I can understand that certain clients use this approach as they may have a high volume of applicants and it is challenging to get back to everyone. However, agencies should have no excuse on this. To be fair to agencies part of the challenge for them is candidates who apply to roles which they are not suitable for. This increases the volume of applicants and if a number of these do not match the role it makes the process more difficult for everyone.


In conclusion, keep track of your applications and control on your CV as this will protect your personal brand.


Stay tuned for our next blog. 


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Alan Herrity