One Click Recruitment!

“In today’s Digital World it takes around 60 seconds or less to apply for a job on some recruitment platforms. This is great for the candidate as it is a far better customer experience than those long form applicant tracking systems which ask for your life history before you can apply – all of which can generally be found on your CV!
Those cumbersome solutions were not designed with the candidate experience in mind.”


However, spare a thought for the recruiting company…or people tasked with hiring people for vacancies. I know that recruiters do not get much sympathy these days and to be honest if I read all of the negative comments on blogs on social media I would find it really depressing.  So I tend to focus on trying to make a positive difference.


We made a decision when we first launched Momentum Search and Selection not to advertise on major job boards. We place the majority of our roles via networking, referrals and headhunting. We do get some great candidates from our website and LinkedIn. However, I am not sure whether we will continue to advertise roles in the long term.


“My view is that anyone can throw their hat into the ring these days – Just Click and Apply should say “Read carefully then Click and Apply”. It is not that the candidates who apply are not good, perhaps not relevant for the role is the right expression.”


For example, if I advertise a vacancy for a Project Manager I would get 400 responses. This is too much; I would never deliver to my clients. I still qualify a lot of candidates prior to presenting a shortlist – I just chose to approach it differently than others.


Here are my tips on how you can apply for the right types of roles, stand out and avoid being disappointed in your search
  1. Read the job advertisement carefully before applying. Only apply for roles which you have the skills and experience to do.
  2. Try calling the company or recruiter to get more information prior to applying. Personally, I appreciate these calls. It enables both parties to understand whether it is the right fit quickly.
  3. Ask yourself: Is my CV fit for purpose? Have a look at these two blogs which may help CV Writing Tips and Writing a Winning CV.
  4. Do not spread yourself too thinly. Applying for jobs which you are not qualified for is counterproductive for the most part.
  1. Do you know anyone at the company for which you are applying for a role? Can they help you? What can they tell you about the company?
  2. Take on board feedback. Find out why your application has been rejected. Why did you not progress after the interview? What can you improve on?
  3. Build relationships at the companies who you would like to work for and the agencies who you feel that can help you.
  4. Attend networking events in your chosen field/s of expertise.


Job hunting is very tough, I understand this and fully respect it too. Although I run my own company these days, I have been a candidate applying for roles and it requires a lot of patience, resilience and time. It is important to have the right strategy.


Stay tuned for our next blog.


Momentum Search and Selection is a recruitment partner which provides Executives and Independent Contractors who excel at project, program and change management delivery.


Alan Herrity