3 Things I Learned from Looking for Serviced Office Space

Earlier this year we moved to our new serviced office space at Southbank. We made the decision, consulted the team on what was important and started packing! Following are my top 3 learns in researching a new serviced office for us.


  1. Location

How are people going to get to the office?  Does it need to be easy to get to via public transport, maybe by bike or perhaps by car? Collins street might look good on your business card and easy to get to for trains, trams and buses but if someone is driving, do they want to spend 15 minutes waiting for their turn to do a hook turn?  Does the location have end-of-trip facilities?  If not, you risk MAMIL’s roaming the office.  We wanted close to the city but if we were a tech start-up, I would have looked at a specific serviced office that caters for the tech space or a specific location around Melbourne that service this sector (like Richmond).


  1. You think you know

You think you know what you want.  The salesperson showing you around will think they know the industry and the competition’s offering.

Over 3 days I looked at 12 different providers and around 15 offices spaces. I was armed with a list of must haves and nice to haves. I was pretty sure we were going to leave our current provider.
I was told stories about the competition: “they charge for tea & coffee”, “they never offer free meeting room hire”, “they don’t have end of trip facilities”, etc.  Some stories proved true.  Others didn’t.
After viewing the 15 offices I sent Al and Clare to visit my top 3.

They came back with a 4th office they preferred.

We ended up in a 5th office that wasn’t on the list… and was with our existing service office provider!


  1. Monthly rents are negotiable

… as are inclusions!

Until I had done my research, I had no idea on the amount of service office providers there are. It’s a competitive market that wants your business. There’s a lot of space that requires tenants to fill.

I was looking at a lot of properties over a short period. When I was given pricing, I took that as what the price would be. It was interesting when I contacted the providers to say thanks but no thanks and mentioned one reason was price how much prices dropped.

If ever you’re looking for a new serviced office space and you’re after a bargain, there are a lot of serviced offices that could do with a facelift – another possibility to negotiate.


If you’re looking for serviced office space and need a starting point of what facilities you might like, message me your email address and I can share our list.

Olivia Gash